Thursday, March 1, 2018

3.5 million classifications; 9,800 volunteers; 2,200 hours of video footage annotated!

Chimp&See reached yet another milestone: together, we made 3.5 million classifications and annotated with this more than 500,000 video clips! This huge effort helped the science team to get to date through 2,200 hours of footage – annotate all animals and behaviors seen in a video clip, tag to the species level, and identify almost 300 unique chimpanzees (and some leopards) across all sites.

We already completed 13 research sites and are more than halfway through the current one “Green Snowflake” that already by now topped all other sites in the number of chimpanzee videos found. Matching the chimps is an ongoing challenge, but we already identified several members of this community and could watch it grow as there are at least three newborn infants clinging to their mothers’ belly virtually from one month to the other.

At this beautiful Eastern African site, we could see two new (to us) behaviors as the chimps and other species spend extended periods eating decaying mineral-rich wood and also clay or soil. You can have lots of fun watching bigger groups of monkeys and chimps interacting with each other and competing for the best place to feed. Their huge enthusiasm for “wood eating” can be seen in watching the “feeding tree” practically disappear in just months.

The same tree getting dismantled on camera in just months.

Thank you for the continuous support of the project and your enthusiasm about chimps and African wildlife in general. Come over to Chimp&See and help us classify even more videos!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Best of Chimp&See 2017!!!

Hi everybody!

So here is now the best of the "Best of 2017"!

Thank you to everyone for a fun and successful "Best of 2017" event! There were some really entertaining clips nominated this year, and we hope you enjoyed the chance to revisit them. We loved all your suggestions and findings! Here are the results from the voting!

Favorite chimp!

Winner: Filou Runner Up: Kamala

Best Camera Reaction!

Winner: Puck, the leopard Runner Up: Young chimp loves the camera

Biggest Surprise!

Winner: Falling from the sky Runner Up: The duiker and the turtle

Creepiest Clip!

Winner: Bushbuck Magic! Runner Up: Just creepy!

Funniest Clip!

Winner: Young chimp loves the camera Runner Up: Bushbuck Magic!

2017 has been a wonderful year with many achievements thanks to you. We finished Aged Violet and Restless Star classifications and chimp matching. We now have a great chimp matching tutorial video [youtube]. We learned a lot about elephants here on the blog and now also with a dedicated Elephant discussion board. The selfie project on chimpanzee camera reactions is still running and we started to identify individual leopards.

Currently a new East African site Green Snowflake is running with many great chimp footage and we will open new sites in the near future. Check it out and get involved at Chimp&See!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Vote for the "Best of 2017"

In December, we asked you to nominate your favorite videos on Chimp&See in 2017 in the categories of Favorite Chimp, Funniest Video, Best Camera Reaction, Creepiest Video, and Biggest Surprise.

It was challenging, but fun, and now it's time to vote for the overall favorites! We set up a survey so you can view all the clips and send us your votes. It's a great chance to look back over the fascinating and entertaining clips from the last year and share your thoughts on the best of the best. As you view each video, you have the opportunity to give it a score of 1 (don't like it that much) to 5 (awesome!).

Voting ends on Sunday, January 14th, after which we'll tally the scores to find the winners for each category. The survey is open to anyone (one entry per computer), so feel free to share this with your family and friends so they can join in the fun and add their votes, as well!

If you have any problems or questions, please let us know. Enjoy, have fun, and may the best clips win!

🐵 Vote Now

(You are free to enter scores for as many or as few videos as you'd like, but only one voting form can be submitted per computer. Votes are anonymous. Be sure to submit your votes before January 14, 2018, at 11:00 p.m. CET.)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Best of 2017: Nominate your favorite video clips!

Hi everybody!

We’ve had a really wonderful year at Chimp&See, thanks to all of you, your massive help with classifications and chimp matching, and your interest in our project!

As in 2015 and 2016, we want to wrap up this year again with a “Best of” event asking you to show us your favorite videos from this year and then let the community vote for the Top 2 in each category.

We would love to see your favorite clips in the following categories:
  • Favorite chimp!
  • Funniest clip!
  • Best camera reaction!
  • Creepiest clip!
  • Biggest surprise!

Here is how it’s working:

1) Head over to Chimp&See and nominate 1 clip per category. It's okay to pick the same clip for more than one category, or the same clip as someone else.

2) We only want to include clips from sites that we’ve worked on predominantly this year. So all nominations should come from Aged Violet and Green Snowflake only.

To nominate your favorites, post a reply in the new thread at Talk that includes the category and video ID for each nomination. This thread stays open for nominations until December 22, so take your time to find and post the best clips, cutest chimp, and most surprising discovery. We will then collect all nominations, and you can vote on the Best of 2017!

Please just remember, the clips have to come from Aged Violet and Green Snowflake.

We look forward to seeing what you loved most on Chimp&See in 2017!

Friday, November 17, 2017

@RingwoodEco LOVES @ChimpandSee!

We got a super awesome tweet this week from the Sustainability Group for Ringwood School :D Pant hoots and thanks to this great group for their work on!

Have a pic of you or your group working on Chimp&See? Send it to us by facebook or twitter!

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fantastic Beasts and How to ClassiFind Them: Pri-matrix Factorization Competition

We've partnered with Driven Data and the ARCUS foundation to offer a new €20,000 challenge that takes data scientists deep into the jungles of Africa. Camera traps are useful for non-invasive observation of wildlife and have the potential to free up huge amounts of research time -- but they can't yet automatically flag and label the species they observe.

In this project, a global community has annotated videos through the Chimp&See Zooniverse project, and now its time for the data scientist community to turn those labels into algorithms! You'll find here one of the largest labeled camera trap datasets for you to practice your skills and help researchers delve into the secrets of life on Earth!

Utilizing both crowdsourced labels as well as crowdsourced algorithms, this ambitious computer vision competition is in a league of its own. The winning techniques developed here will provide a starting point for production-level automated species tagging for use in camera trap systems around the world. By decreasing the time that experts spend watching empty footage, we can improve their ability to focus on the outcomes that matter most.

On Chimp&See people from around the world have been recording what they see in each video but they also carry out more complex tasks such as identifying unique chimpanzee individuals and tagging primates and other animals to the species level. With this competition we hope to use machine learning to accomplish the first task more time efficiently thereby allowing citizen scientists to focus on the more complex tasks of the project!

For more info check out the DrivenData blog and the competition!